Forgot My Beauty Night

How many times have I promised myself a ‘Nurture Night” and forgot? Planned a long bath, facial, intensive hair conditioner, manicure. But, when I get home from work, go through the mail, the phone rings, and other things beckon. When I finally get to bed, exhausted, I remember I was supposed to be relaxed and happy at that point in the day.

So now, before I leave the house on those mornings of a promised ‘nurture night’, I grab a small basket and fill it with bath gel, hair conditioner, moisturizer, or a book or movie, and leave it where I will see it when I get home. I’ve also left little yellow stickies all around and once, I had Suri remind me every hour to ‘Go Nurture’. Whatever it takes.

When you make a promise to care for yourself, try to keep it.


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