Make a Note of It

Time flies and is the easiest thing in our lives to lose track of. At the end of the week, we sometimes ask ourselves where the time went and what did we do for ourselves?

Take Note! You probably keep a calendar the includes your appointments, meetings, your children’s activities and your family’s social activities. Maybe your partner’s work and travel schedule. If you’re really organized, it’s electronic and color-coded.

Add a color for activities and things you do for yourself.

  • Gym time, bike, ride, run, walk, dance class — add it to the calendar.
  • A long fragrant bubble bath — add it to the calendar.
  • Dinner or drinks with friends — add it to the calendar.
  • Meet a friend on the street or the mall and go for coffee — add it to the calendar.
  • Finish a book, get a haircut, manicure/pedicure, Bed-Camp tune-up — add it to the calendar

This is good for you to see that you have not forgotten yourself and also lets you spend a few moments remembering your nurture times when you check your calendar.

It’s MOST useful when you can plainly see, by omission, when you’re NOT taking care of yourself.


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