Spring Cleaning Life

April just days away. Spring cleaning season begins. I’m going to do it a bit differently this year. I’m going to spend the next six months clearing my house and my life. Four children and lots of their old things. A basement loaded with stuff not used in years. Bookshelves overflowing. Closets and desks. Not to mention getting some clutter out of my mind.

It’s a big job that will have to be broken down into manageable tasks. There are going to be lots of lists. Suri will play a big part in this.

First, I have to remove the clutter so I can see the junk. Little things first and eye glasses are little. I’ve found quite a few pair on shelves, in closets, in drawers – prescription and non-prescription. Clear glass, tinted, transition and really dark.Two pair of ‘vacation sunglasses’ in the ‘what was I thinking category’? They were nice on that tropical beach, when I was more relaxed and uninhibited, but once home, they just didn’t work.

So, eleven pair of glasses in all. Hate to throw them away, they weren’t cheap and are still in good condition.

“Suri, where can I donate eye glasses?”

Make sure your location services is active and turned on for Suri so she can find you someplace nearby to drop the glasses off.

Small amount of space cleared out and useful items donated. A little thing for me, but hopefully not for someone else.


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