Securing Your House for a Bed Camp Day

The biggest push-back I’ve had from friends about a full day Bed Camp was that they never would be able to get rid of their family for the day and night. For a full day Camp, not a mini-camp or tune-up, we’re talking maybe once or twice a year. Off the top of my head, here are a few ideas…

      • No kids yet but husband or live-in? Easy if they travel for work or at least possible to find a friend’s couch to crash on.
      • Aunts, Uncles, Grand Parents would be happy to spend time with your darlings
      • A friend takes your children for your day, you take theirs so they can enjoy one, especially since once they hear about yours, they’ll want one too.
      • Kids go on overnight school trips, summer camp, sports camp, acting camp, science camp…..
      • There are plenty of sleep-over invitations as they get older.
      • Children of divorce likely stay at the other parent’s house sometime during the year.
      • Your friend goes on vacation or a business trip and leaves their space free. Don’t offer to walk the dog, but do offer to pay for the dog walker.
      • You or a friend have a weekend summer house that sits empty during the week.

What did your family do when you were enjoying Bed Camp?


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