Picking the Perfect Bed Tray

A bed tray is an important purchase for those who either spend an extra hour or two reclining in bed on the weekends, or those who stay for the whole day. I’ve never thought of a bed tray as a luxury, but rather as a necessity, to avoid spills and messes and to hold books, newspapers and laptops.

Trays with legs work best, so you don’t have to worry about balancing it on your legs…and they should be spaced wide enough to fit comfortably over you. A lip around the edges will help keep things from sliding off, or spills from dripping onto your sheets.

If you watch movies and videos on your tablet in bed, a tray that can tilt up will make it more comfortable to watch when you’re reclining. Whether you need one with pockets for supplies on either side is up to you. They are good for holding newspapers which can leave newsprint stains on your sheets.

One of my favorite bed trays (yes, I have more than one) fits perfectly over the footstool that matches the wing chair in my bedroom, serving double-duty as a table top for cups and food when I sit in the chair to read or watch TV, and also for brushes and hair tools when I’m drying my hair…more on that some other time….

Mother’s Day is just under a month away…..


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