Borrow a baby …. or a dog.

Sometimes when I’m walking along the river, figuring out something in my head, I find myself talking out loud. This, when I’m walking alone, with no buds in my ears that might lead others on the path to think I’m on the phone. Uh oh…speed up or slow down, but move yourself away from the people beginning to stare.

Not okay to talk out loud to yourself, but perfectly fine to have conversations with dogs and infants in public? See it all the time and people smile and think it’s cute.


So, next time you have to work something out with yourself, borrow a friend’s baby or dog and go for a walk. I don’t know of many new parents who wouldn’t mind an hour or so alone – and fresh air makes babies sleep better. And a dog walk? It’s actually easier to borrow a dog than a baby and there are a lot more of them around.

Go. Walk. Figure it out. Feel better.


One thought on “Borrow a baby …. or a dog.

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