Weeding the Stash for a Cause

If you’re a crafter of any sort, you have a stash – or stashes – hiding in various corners of your house. Be it yarn, fabric, paper, boxes of photos, canvas, paint ….. it sits there waiting. This isn’t something you can get rid of easily…cause you never know when inspiration will hit and that half skein of yarn will add the perfect burst of color to a neckline. You’ll get to it someday…yeah.

I have an attachment to my yarns. I remember the item knit, the smooth feel of the yarn over my fingers, the pleasure in the finished garment, the sweaters I imagined in my head. But the stash takes too much room, inflicts too much guilt and I need to make space in my closets.

I find it easier to give things up to a cause. When it’s time to weed out some skeins, I take a half dozen or so and put them in a basket with some needles and put it where I can see it. When I’m watching TV or on the phone, I’ll pick up the basket and start a baby hat. They’re small, work up easily and keep your hands busy. And, they’re easy to give away or donate. Think new babies, school fairs, fund raisers.

There are plenty of places that will accept donations of yarn or finished items. The Lion Brand web site lists over 200 places you can send your donations to. They have a store on 15th Street in New York. I like the fact that they give back to their community and help their customers give back to theirs. And, they have some new lines that work up beautifully.

To learn more about how to donate your items, and find easy, free patterns, click http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/pg.fcgi?page=charityConnectionTemplate.html

Giving back and making room….two good feelings.


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