Back to Normal

I’m good at slowing down or even stopping outright when I think I need to. Whether a full Bed-Camp Day or a Mini Camp. I take care of my body and my soul. But make me slow down, stop, take it easy for any length of time and I will go bananas!

Unfortunately, that’s just what happened. A few months ago, a sore shoulder, pulled muscle and pinched nerve stopped me cold. No gym. No long river walks. No bike rides. No good nights of sleep.

Not the happy content person I would have been if it was my decision to slow down and it was only for a few days. Instead, I sat by helpless as I watched myself drive me crazy.

But, time and physical therapy are wonderful things and I am now fully back to normal and glad I wrote down some of the better easy meals I made so I can share them…..this is summer and there isn’t a better or easier time to get bight and fresh meals on the table in no time at all. With longer days, stay outside as long as you can.