August Food Celebrations

Lots of fresh food holidays this month. Some of my favorites:

National Sandwich Month – does bacon between two slices of tomato count?
National Peach Month — so good this year
Goat Cheese Month – think goat gouda topped with fig jam

Some Day Celebrations:
14th – National Creamsicle Day — who doesn’t go back to their childhood on the first lick?
16th – Bratwurst Day — on the grill, of course
19th – National Hot & Spicy Day — just bought a jar of ‘Traditional Harissa Spread’ for the occasion
20th – Lemonade Day — we need a holiday for this in the middle of the summer?
22nd – Eat a Peach Day, though it’s also National Peach Month and National Peach Pie day on the 24th
29th – National Lemon Juice Day — make note to self to make a white wine jelly with fresh lemon juice and rosemary

Does anyone else see the glaring omission? Where is the tomato lobby? I found no mentions of a National Tomato Month. Major Major Omission.

Every year I promise myself, and it’s a promise I keep, to eat a tomato every day during August. Course, it carries on through most of September.

Is there anything prettier than a perfect tomato?


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