So Easy to Keep it So Simple

Fruit in a green leafy salad is not something new. Pears, apples and orange citrus have been in my fall and winter salads for years. Fruit is at its prime right now and I’ve gotten a bit more creative with it this summer.

IMG_5935IMG_5859 - Version 2

I start with fresh mixed greens, then check to see what protein I have on hand…goat gouda is a favorite this summer, but leftover chicken or hanger steak works too. A handful of either walnuts or almonds gets tossed in — healthy as well and good for a crunch.

Now comes the fun part — look around and be creative. Berries — blue or straw, melon, cherries — pitted and halved, grapes, even peaches, as well as apples, pears and oranges.

For the dressing, I add a bit of either tarragon or mint to my basic vinaigrette and use it sparingly.

I try to make the time to wash and spin the greens when I get home (and yes, I do also buy pre-washed). While I’m at it, I’ll wash the fruit, cut the melons into bite-size pieces, pit the cherries (don’t wear light colors!) and get everything ready to ‘eat on the fly’.

Can’t get enough fruit this summer…breakfast this morning –



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