Happy Holidays!

Holiday sales, lay-away, Radio City touting its Christmas spectacular. It’s September still and the march is on.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m good with holidays, Christmas in particular. With four kids, lots of family and friends to buy for, I learned early on how to plan well, execute with time to spare and, most important, enjoy myself.

The secret to my success begins late-Summer each year.  I buy a small notebook and get to work. Each person on my list gets two facing pages. The left side is for gift ideas, the right side keeps track of gifts bought for that person. Once the book is bought and filled in with all the names, it never leaves my bag. I need it handy so I can quickly jot down things people mention in normal conversations about what they would like, love to have, wish they had the money for, would never splurge on for themselves, etc. etc. etc. People drop so many clues every day.


Like I said before, this helps me enjoy more of the season, get others presents they like and never tire of hearing “How did you know….”?

The back pages of the book are reserved for keeping track of what’s been ordered and when delivery is expected and then a to-do-list by store. So, the Toys R Us page would have a list of all the kids on my list whose gifts could be bought there.

For receipts, I keep a big envelope where they all get deposited and I set up a folder on my laptop for electronic buys. Paper receipts can also be scanned into the electronic folder.

This might sound like a lot to do, but I never worry about getting one child more than the others, don’t forget things I bought early and hid away, have plenty of sales between late August and December to take advantage of, and always know how much more I have to do and when I’m done.

Happy Holidays!


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