Unique Gift for Your Favorite Cook

Favorite independent bookstores are shrinking or closing and, in the big box stores, toys and gift items are taking over. The Union Square children’s section at Barnes & Noble looks more like a playground than a bookstore after school lets out. But it’s the growing cookbook section that confounds me. There are books from the ‘serial’ writers, who think they have to publish a cook book a year. Then, there are those from just about anyone who had a nano second of fame, likely in some field that didn’t involve pots and pans! With so many good recipes available online and in magazine and newspapers, why? So few have anything really original.

I have more than a tall bookcase of cookbooks. So many of them and yet I always turn to the same dozen or so. But I still like to take them out and look at the beautiful pictures. I’ve been curtailing my purchases and buying more electronic ones  lately…running out of room and not much out there that looks interesting.

But every once in a while, something special arrives. An early Christmas catalog for outdoor clothes featured the Remington Camp Cooking book by Charlie Parker and had a delicious recipe for duck breasts. Looked up the book online and knew I had to own it. Recipes for game and outdoor cooking, but lots of indoor cooking as well. Not at all like anything on my shelves. I tore out the recipe and went to buy the book and some duck breasts.

Remington Camp Cooking

How frustrating that distribution is limited. Not in local stores. Not in B&N. The site for the book –  http://www.remingtoncampcooking.com – lists a small number of independent stores (not in New York) that have it, and directs you to Amazon.  Not something you have to worry that someone will buy for themselves or that someone else will because they likely won’t see it or find it. Unique, beautiful, something new and different. Can’t wait until it arrives…then just have to decide what lucky person gets the second copy.

What’s your go-to Cookbook?


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