Post-Christmas Bed Camp

There’s always a Holiday Bed Camp for me, either after Thanksgiving to refresh and prepare for what’s to come, or just after Christmas well, because most people need it by then. This year it was really needed — the heating system went two weeks before Christmas during a cold spell and heated only the bottom floor. It was finally repaired the day before Xmas Eve, during which water poured down from the radiator above my bedroom, coming through the ceiling I painted just last summer and onto my bed, soaking my comforter and linens…then the butcher messed up my ham order…. you get the idea….that kind of week.

It took all I had to keep my eye on the prize — Christmas here with my family — yearly regulars and new additions this year.  A house full, just like I love it. And other family gatherings planned here for the days after….and a Bed Camp just for me at the end of it all. Keep.Your.Eye.On.The. Prize.

Things to do

I went to bed late the night before Camp, planning on getting up late. Food was ready for the next day, my activity table was set with electronics, yarn, a loaded Kindle, a Netflix list of options, pad and pen, the best parts of the Sunday paper and coffee for morning and wine for the evening. It was a rainy day, which was good and, oddly or maybe not, helped keep me calm. It was 55 degrees and sunny the day before and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss a good long walk on the River.

My Day Eyes opened at 10:34. I made the bed, showered and got fresh bed clothes on and went downstairs. Breakfast was coffee and Katie’s Christmas ginger cake toasted and buttered and brought back up on bed tray. My idea of leftovers. Yum.


Television, on my iPad and on the big screen, seemed to be on most of the day, and needles and yarn in my hands. One scarf finished. It all kept my mind from straying to lists of things to do.

Two episodes of the Pioneer Woman Cooks started it all. She has a well-followed blog and now a cable series on the Food Network. Her cooking style isn’t mine but I see the attraction for the masses. I did yell at the screen when she dumped a can of tomato paste into a meat sauce without letting it cook by itself alongside the vegetables at the beginning….but to each her own. Move on. Keep calm.

A Ted Topic (LOVE Ted Topics and recommend highly – something smart for everyone) with Jamie Oliver talking about obesity and good eating habits. Love his stuff!

Two episodes of the PBS Series ‘Mind of a Chef’ with David Chang. I’m a big fan, and his episode on Spain was fabulous.


Somewhere in there I had a light lunch of St. Andre cheese, crackers and walnuts.

On to Netflix, where I watched, engrossed, the first five episodes of House of Cards. My boys were right that I would love this. (I love talk of this ‘new’ trend of binge watching television series in a single sitting/day. I’ve been doing this for years, with CD’s of the Pallisers, The West Wing, Joseph Campbell’s Mythology Series and, a favorite I take out every few years, the full 21 hours – takes two days – of Brideshead Revisited with a very young and very hot Jeremy Irons.)

The last episode of ‘Cards’ ran a half hour into this season’s first Midwives…

Loving House of Cards

…followed by last season’s final episode of Downton Abbey, the channel changed right before Mathew’s car crashes….couldn’t bear to see that again. Can’t wait for the new season to begin next Sunday.

Dinner of spinach lasagna was ‘served’ during House of Cards and Midwives and Christmas photos were organized into an album to share with the family.

Television finally off, I was ready to open the Gluten Girl Cookbook I got for Christmas and finish Amy Tan’s latest book before turning out the lights on a very good day.

Mission Was Accomplished. I use the word ‘mission’ because for me, Bed Camp is a mission, with the goal of getting myself refreshed, relaxed and ready to be back on track.

Every  Bed Camp is different, depending on my moods and needs. This Camp, I needed my mind to wander away from all the lists of things to do in the next few weeks and just roam into other spheres.

My mind is clear, my body relaxed and I’m feeling content. A Good and, yes, Productive Bed Camp Day. Well done!


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