An Important Day You Might Not Know About

We’re in the midst of the city’s second big ‘snow and chill’ event of the season. A lot of gray skies lately, which always seem worse when the sun sets before five o’clock. And now the snow is coming down hard. Big snowflakes. It is pretty to look at, at least from inside.


Even with this big storm and the one we had before, we have to admit to having a spattering of nicer days, so there really isn’t a good reason to complain. Sounds lofty, but the snow is coming down hard and the single-digit temps are expected to stay around for a couple of weeks. Not apologizing, I’ve had enough and need to put on my ‘optimist hat’ and look for some ‘happy’.

After-Christmas sales are over, but the Super Bowl is coming to New York next month! Though the game itself is in New Jersey, the City is gearing up big time, with a football playground being put together in Times Square and lots of other big events being planned. February 2nd is going to be a very big day here. Big-time party day. Huge celebrations. Daytime television already full of Super Bowl party menus and entertaining tips…the theme of most, from my chair, is how to stuff in as many calories and fat as you can during the fourth quarter. Just make sure your beer is cold.

Super Bowl notwithstanding, my eye is on February 3rd. Not a holiday, not my birthday, nothing on the calendar. There will be no big celebrations, no speeches, no parade, unless the winning team gets one when they return home. Still, February 3rd is an important day.

February 3rd is smack in the middle of winter. Forty-five days of winter on either side of it. Halfway through. Only six more weeks of winter. February 3rd will give us 10 hours and 13 minutes of sunlight, which will end at 5:16pm.

Fast forward six weeks from February 3rd, to the first day of Spring on March 20th, and we will have almost two more hours of sunlight — 12 hours and 10 minutes and the sun won’t set until 7:08! Two more almost doesn’t matter what the temperature will be. It’ll be warm soon enough. Spring and sunlight and Oh Happy Days.

Big Storm Now. Super Bowl Soon. Mid-Winter Right After.

Then Spring – it’s closer than you think.

Now, I have to go out and shovel again. Stay warm. Dream Big.


2 thoughts on “An Important Day You Might Not Know About

  1. Your article made me feel better! I brought a friend home from the hospital in this mess and have been driving around for hours Lisa M.

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