Fighting Cabin Fever

The blizzard has stopped, the sky is so bright and blue, bouncing extra light off the piles of snow. The temperature has finally made it into the double digits but the wind chill still hovers below zero. The wind will die down, but the temps are expected to stay about this low for the next 10 days, breaking around Super Bowl Sunday.  I’ll probably not go out today. No need, the pantry is full, I don’t need anything and the gym can wait one more day. If I don’t leave the house tomorrow, though, I will go bonkers, but today is okay.

Still, for us in the New York area and other places expected to be below freezing for a bit, we’re likely to spend more time indoors than we usually do. I’ve already started a list of things I can do for when I start getting bored or just need to move around more.

  • Mini Camp for skin treatment — a moisturizing mask this time, both for my face and my hands!
  • A long moisturizing bath for the rest of me.
  • Start sorting through the 180 cookbooks I own and try to make some keep/donate decisions.
  • Need to finish last season’s House of Cards before season 2 starts next month.
  • Might make some pastry and/or pizza dough to tuck in the freezer for meals later on.
  • A few small batches of wine jellies could be made.


  • Might schedule a few “Face-Time” dinners with friends.
  • I love to knit but hate to sew things together. Know there are sweaters in the upstairs drawers that need to be attached.
  • Upload more pictures to Flickr

Those of you with children to occupy indoors might find it a bit more challenging, but Face-Time with friends and grandparents can work well with them too. Or,

  • This can be a good time to get them involved in cooking, or at least helping in the prep. Pizza is easy and they get to pick the toppings. (No dear, we don’t have a can of pineapple in the pantry.)
  • Read-aloud chapter books where everyone takes a turn reading a few pages. I still miss reading to my kids.
  • For some families I know, board games can be a novelty.

If you’re making a list of things to come up with to occupy you and/or others, make sure to include something that’s just about you. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy or well planned….but it can be.

Please feel free to share your cabin fever tips with the rest of us…..


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