BLD Kale

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Kale

Cold weather like we’re having here begs for soup. I always have a freezer full of stock on hand. Never throw out bones. Freeze them and, when I have enough, make stock. I even save the tomato juice from canning and freeze it in small batches to add at the end of split pea soup. I sometimes have so much the freezer can’t hold anymore and it has to be given away to others. Ingredients on hand make a big difference on days like today…really, on any day.

So with this spell, I defrosted a big container of chicken stock. Went out yesterday and bought some boneless chicken breasts to poach and dice for chicken soup and some to marinate and smoke in my stovetop smoker for salads and sandwiches. While I was there, I also picked up some baby kale, forgetting I already had some.

With so much in the house, kale was part of my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Think ‘kale florentine’ for breakfast. I sautéed some kale in a bit of butter and olive oil in a small pan and, when it wilted, broke an egg on top. Even added a bit of lemon zest on top. Lemon zest is a winter secret, which adds just a hint of fresh and bright flavor. Good way to start the day.


The big soup pot came out for lunch and meals to follow. I diced some potatoes and carrots and added them to the stock when it came to a boil. Then some frozen peas, diced yellow pepper, a half carton of garbanzo beans, some frozen tortellini, and some diced chicken that I  poached beforehand. After all was almost cooked, added a handful of egg noodles and when they had almost cooked through, several big handfuls of the baby kale. Done in less than half an hour and will last for many meals and snacks.


Dinner prep started with two non-sticks pans. In one, a bit of melted butter and olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. A piece of salmon gently placed on top. Cover and cook for a bit, then uncover and spoon some of the butter/oil/lemon liquid on top. Cover and cook a bit more until done, just a few more minutes, depending on how thick the salmon is.  While that was cooking, I sautéed some baby kale in the other pan with some olive oil with a bit of garlic and cooked until wilted, just a few minutes.  Another quick and easy meal on an ‘inside day’. Just wish I had a piece of chocolate cake for dessert.



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