Make Spring Happen

For the last few days weather forecasters were threatening another snow storm, not too much here, but snow nonetheless. It was only last night when they said the storm would likely pass by the city. Thankfully, I woke up in a bright, dry sunny day though the temperature was in the twenties. February cold.  And those forecasters keep reminding us the city has had snow as late as April. Almost seems like they can’t let winter go.

As of today, I will not acknowledge anymore snow. Not going to look at it, not going out in it. I will have a flash Bed Camp if it does happen. Supplies in hand and a list of things to do. Just. In. Case.

I’m on my way out to do some errands. It’s cold and windy. I’m clothed in layers. But, underneath my jeans and sweater and boots, I’m wearing my bike shorts and t-shirt. Though I’m on my way to Whole Foods, my mind is on a bike ride on the river. I’m not going to let myself feel the cold or the wind. Just not having any more of it. Done.

Set your mind on where you want it to be and own it!


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