Surprise Bed Camp

Today’s rainy morning morphed into the promised beautiful sunny afternoon. Much better than Saturday’s rainy morning, which decided to stay for 48 hours. With no hope for an improvement, I gave in. Impromptu Morning Bed Camp.

Looking out the window and confirming the cold rain would stick around, I opened the bedroom table and set some electronics and books on top, made the bed and went downstairs to make some coffee and breakfast. After a nice leisurely breakfast, I enjoyed a long bath, applied lots of foot cream, put on my new ‘manicure’ socks and gave into a morning of good reading.

I fully intended to get up after noon, but a nap just fell on top of me for an hour or so. And then I just stayed put. Reclining, reading, a movie, manicure and pedicure and snacks. Stayed put until 9:43 pm.

Yes, it’s always good to plan a Bed Camp Day ahead of time. But sometimes, you have to allow yourself the flexibility to take one on the fly. Go for it when you need and when you can. And wake up the next morning refreshed and hopefully in a sunny day.



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