Do it Because it Feels Better.

A few years ago, on a site I don’t remember, I read an article that said you should walk for about ten minutes before you eat lunch. It said your metabolism would increase and you would burn the calories you ate after faster. Okay, sounded reasonable. I tried it and it felt good to get away from my desk and get some fresh air. And, I thought, it was good for me — the burning more calories after part…which was the original reason for my escapades.

Some months later, I read another article which totally refuted the theory. No medical proof that you would burn more calories faster. Bummer! So, I gave up the walks. Why bother?

After a week, I missed my little escapes. Felt restless. Didn’t enjoy my lunch as much as I did when I took a little respite¬†before. Didn’t have as much energy.

Bottom line, I went back to my little walks. Ten minutes, maybe a few minutes more. Who cares if the calorie burn wasn’t part of the deal? I felt better. If it wasn’t helping my calorie burn, it was helping my spirit, and at the end of the day, that’s more important. It was just ten minutes away from my desk. I wasn’t missed. Life at work went on without me. (Who knew?)


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