A Very Exciting Day for Me

Mid-April. Safe to say spring is here. I’ve planned something very important for today. Something that screams season-changer. Life style change. Happy times ahead.

During the winter, when I needed a push to get to the gym, I bought some new training clothes…consciously avoiding black and other dark colors. Then, instead of folding them and putting them on a shelf in the closet, I hung them from hangers on the back of the bathroom door, so I would be reminded every day. It didn’t work all the time, but I used them more than if they were still in the closet.

In the spring and summer, I use a slightly different approach. Today, my bicycle is coming out of the basement. For the next six months it will sit in front of the fireplace in the dining room, beckoning me to go for a ride. Dinner guests will just have to move around it.

Bringing the bike up changes my life. Having it right in front of me every day reminds me just how good a ride on the river makes me feel. It gets me out of the house earlier, right after breakfast, before it gets too busy on the bike path. It’s going to take a lot not to bring it right outside, jump on it and head west. No, instead, I’m going to wait for tomorrow morning when the path is less crowded and the views are unobstructed for my first ride of the season.

Now, where did I put my helmet?


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