Start Marking Your Calendars

Did the weatherman just say “the temperatures will plunge”? Someone get him a calendar. During the glorious weekend we just enjoyed I started my How I Want to Remember Summer 2014 list. I make a list every year and then start getting more serious about putting my social schedule and nurture moments on the calendar. I make note of all walks, bike rides, trips to museums, concerts, beach, meals or just coffee with a good friend, gym, massages and facials, trips and excursions. It can even be as simple a thing as noting when I got those promised hours of sleep. Of course, Bed Camps and tune-ups are included. It’s helpful after a busy week to see I did take some time for myself or, if I didn’t, to try harder the next week. At the end of the summer I can look back and remember good times.

This last winter felt like it took three years to get through. Should have said feels like, since there’s a frost advisory tonight. As long as winter takes to move out, it’s a good bet that Spring and Summer will breeze past us, leaving wonders of where it all went.

Start thinking right now about you want to remember this Spring and Summer and make a plan.


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