Attention Camera Buffs!

Beautiful sunny days. More outside time. Grab your camera and go! Actually it doesn’t have to be a sunny day. The light is so much softer on a cloudy day and can be absolutely dramatic during a rainstorm. Anyway, a camera is good to have in hand, or in your bag.

photoFor those of you looking for free tips (and an online photography school), visit and sign up for their newsletter. You don’t have to buy anything to take advantage of their tips and tutorials. Or, skip the signup and just visit their site when the mood hits. (As an aside, I have taken a few of their online classes.)

If you’re the type that gets overwhelmed at the number of possible subjects around you, look for the site’s shooting suggestions and tips for weekend picture taking. Have something in mind before you leave the house, just don’t close your eyes to surprise possibilities!

One tip from home base – Don’t get so engrossed in the camera and settings and snapping away that you forget to enjoy and appreciate where you are and what you see. Be mindful, take pleasure, enjoy the moment.


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