Stress-free New York?

I’m still crazed about a recent survey that ranked New York City the #2 stressed-out big city in America. I get their reasoning – the crowds, commuting time, density, etc, but wish someone would take equal effort measuring the daily stress-relievers the city has to offer.

This weekend marks the second family wedding in three weeks. I have lots to do. Family from across the country and across the ocean are coming in. Some are staying here, but hopefully a lot of the others will be stopping by the house for a visit before and after. How am I not stressed, with New York and family gatherings to ready for?

New York actually offers what seems like an unlimited supply of stress relievers for anyone just willing to open their eyes and see things differently. I’ve been thinking about this since I read that study. Consider this a first entry on New York Stress-Relievers:

New York is the perfect place for walking and walking is a known stress-reliever and good exercise. It’s sometimes best for my head, when I need to figure something out or just want my mind to wander. I carry a Metro card but use it only when I’ve going far from the neighborhood or when I’ve bought too much to carry home. I don’t have a car, but I do have a shopping cart. I rarely use my ear buds when I walk, preferring to be in the moment.

We have beautiful places to walk – along the rivers, in beautiful parks and gardens, as well as a host of neighborhoods to explore. And we have much to walk to – for shopping for almost anything under the sun, to entertainment, to parks, libraries, museums, landmarks, to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snacks from an unlimited offering of cuisines.

Best of all, walking is free, there is no schedule and you’re in control of how far and how long. You can go alone, with a dog and/or a friend, or with a group. At the end of the day, you’ll feel better. And you’ll never know what you’ll find.


Photo of a sidewalk ‘shopkeeper’ from a Sunday afternoon walk in Soho. Love street-shopping!


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