Catalog Clutter

If they haven’t already started, retailers are getting their mailing lists ready for the holiday season. I’ve found a great, free app that will easily get you off the lists you don’t want. With the PaperKarma app on your phone, you just snap a picture of the mailing label that shows your address and the sender’s, hit the ‘Use Photo’ or ‘Retake’ button, then hit the ‘unsubscribe me’ bar at the bottom of the next screen that pops up. That’s it! I’ve been using it all year and have found a noticeable decrease in my mailbox.

PaperKarma is available for the iPhone, Android and the Windows 7 phone. In addition to catalogs, it can also unsubscribe you on lists for magazines, coupons, credit card offers and fliers. It takes seconds and keeps the mail clutter out of your house!

Click here to get started –


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