Summer’s End


The setting sun now slips away minutes before 7:00 PM. Days are getting shorter. This is the last weekend of the summer. I give in. Done. Squeezed in everything I could. Enjoying some good memories this weekend, making a few more, organizing my pictures and putting my linens away.

There are some bright spots — the humidity is down and there are better ‘hair days’, the air is crisp and great for walking and riding and, best of all, at least for those of us in NYC, most of the tourists have gone back home. Museums and theaters and the streets are ours to enjoy. Well, at least until Thanksgiving when the holiday tourists begin to arrive. But for now, we own the town and should enjoy it. New limited-run plays on Broadway, with marquee talents, have tickets for sale and seats available. Plenty to do indoors and out. Let the Fall begin!


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