Climbing the Walls!

First it was a bad cold that kept me indoors. Now, we’re into the third week of awfully cold weather that limits my time outside. This is really really cold weather…and now more snow is coming. This is far from over.

I’ve stayed indoors and made all the cold weather meals — braises and stews and soups. Hot coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate. I’ve knit sweaters and hats until my fingers are stiff. Caught up on my reading, made good progress on a pile of magazines and cleaned out a few closets. Binged-watched I don’t know how much TV. Doing laps to the fourth floor to get off the couch. Trying my best to stay hydrated and moisturized and sane. Thankful for FaceTime with friends who don’t want to venture out either.

Thirty-something days until Spring. Hang in there.


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