It’s Just a Number

A small card hangs in my closet. It says “How Old Would You Be If You Didn’t Know How Old You Are?”

Well, in a given day or week, my behavior spans the ages. Really, whose doesn’t? But I do sometimes wonder how I am now older in actual years than some of my friends who were born before me.

I have a good friend, who will not be ‘outted’ on these pages, whose husband threw her a big birthday party for what I thought, no knew, was her 42nd birthday. Over the course of the evening, the other guests talked about what a great 40th surprise birthday party it was and ‘how beautiful was that ring?’….which meant that I was no longer just eight months older than she was. I caught her alone in the kitchen….

Me: “Gee, it’s funny. Everyone thinks this is your 40th birthday.”
She: “Oh, isn’t that interesting.”
Me: “Interesting?”
She: “Well, really quite cute and you’re right, it’s funny.”
Me: “And just hold old are you going to say you’ll be this year?” (Catch the sarcasm here?)
She: “Oh, I really don’t talk about my age anymore. It’s not important”

Apparently important enough for her to fudge the numbers! Her secret is safe with me but I still wonder why she…and others I know, jiggle the math. But I’ll admit they are right, it just doesn’t matter, certainly not enough to stress about it. And here, let me share my absolute favorite television commercial of the year. I have a new idol.