New York Walking, another take

A bit more restrictive take on walking the streets of the city…though a lot of it is true….


Take a hike….or a bike

Move the body. Sweat. Keep up your exercise routine. Jog. Run. It doesn’t have to hurt and you don’t need to dread doing it. If you’re going to do something, find something you like to do and you’re more likely to find the time to do it.

Living in New York City, I do walk a lot. Greenwich Village is a good place to wander about, with quiet winding streets, beautiful houses and the river just a few blocks away. My bicycle usually comes out before my Spring clothes. Even when I don’t bike by myself, I’m in control of my immediate space and if I don’t like the conversation I can slow down or speed up and get out of earshot.

The Hudson River Park on the West side is a beautiful place with the most fabulous views you could wish for. There is a turn just shortly after entering Battery Park City where the view of the harbor suddenly opens up and I gasp at the beauty of it. Gasp. Every time. I feel my body relax and my mind clear. The water, the Verranzo Bridge, Lady Liberty, Governor’s Island. I stop for a moment and feel the calm. If I’ve timed it right with my playlist, Andrea Bocelli is singing a beautiful aria in my ears and the majesty of the moment intensifies. That view alone can get me on my bike, especially when I’m stressed.

If not a gasp, find your pleasure. Find something that gets you moving that you love…even if it’s just a seasonal opportunity that replaces your regular workout. Mix it up and take advantage of what you have. Trade in the weights for a dance class, hikes and bike rides. Finally try yoga. Give a purpose to your walks, get a team together and walk for a good cause with good company. Most of all, enjoy the time and how good you feel after.