Bed-Camp is the beginning of, and an important part of, the process of learning how to nurture yourself, of being as kind and attentive to yourself as you as to others, of making everyday life easier to deal with and enjoying it more. A full day for yourself is just the beginning….

Many people in your life help take care of you and nurture you. Your spouse or partner, your parents, children and friends. Also, your hairdresser, manicurist, trainer mentor. Even your pet offers solace, comfort and love.

Yes, they are dear to you and greatly appreciated.

But the best person to care for you and love you and nurture you — is YOU!

When you need a Bed-Camp Day? Life is hectic and gets messy sometimes and moves way too fast. Sometimes we just need a time-out and an entire day in bed by ourselves.

  • You’re feeling tired or irritable or crabby and miss your old self
  • The divorce papers are signed and you’re ready to move on for the best revenge
  • You can’t remember the last time you were alone with yourself or when your mind was clear
  • You’ve stopped listening to what other people say because you don’t listen to yourself anymore


  • An important birthday milestone is approaching
  • A major project is done and you need to catch your breadth
  • You’ve settled into a new apartment and everything is finally in place. You need a day to make friends with your new space and learn to listen to each other
  • After the holidays, who doesn’t need one?

This is an important day for you. Plan it carefully and allow yourself time to dream about it. Explain to your family what you want to do and why and ask that they give you the space for the day. (Physically remove themselves if you can convince them.) Don’t be afraid to let them know what you need — who doesn’t want to live with a happier person?

Planning the Day. This is a day for you to relax your mind, clear your thoughts and stay calm. It’s not for closet cleaning, sock sorting, paying bills and getting your taxes ready, laundry, cooking, dealing with the errant contractor.

Once you pick the date, don’t tell anyone – friends, clients, co-workers. They’ll be jealous and won’t hesitate to interrupt your day. You can tell them all about Bed-Camp later when they tell you how good you look.

Create a space that will soothe you without distractions:

  • Straighten your bedroom, removing all potential tasks that beckon – laundry to wash or fold, old magazines, anything that could be work-related. It’s okay to move them into the closet for another day, another mood.
  • Is it time for new bed linens? Extra pillows? A bed tray or big new fluffy bath sheet?
  • Move a comfortable chair into the bedroom.
  • Clear off the dresser top or table to hold things you might want to do.
  • Clear a path to the kitchen, which you’l have to visit. You don’t want to pass that pile of bills that have to be paid or other things that have to be put away.

You’re Going to Have to Eat, But No Cooking on Bed-Camp Day. Prepare meals the day before that can be eaten room temperature, cold or nuked. You might find cooking relaxing, but cleaning pots isn’t.

Adorn Yourself. Attractive, comfortable new loungewear will make a huge difference in how you feel and treat the occasion. This isn’t the day for dirty hair, worn sweats, old socks and ragged underwear. In fact, wear your best underthings!

  • Leave the frumpy slippers under the bed.
  • Wear your favorite perfume that conjures the best memories.
  • Somehow work a piece of favorite jewelry onto your ensemble, or buy a tiara!

What Will You Do All Day? It may seem like a lot of hours to fill. You can definitely choose to sleep most of them — your day, your call. You do want to avoid laying in bed and wondering ‘now what’? It’ll be much easier to have some ideas in mind and arrange them on your dresser beforehand. If you go rummaging around for something to do, you might get distracted and start cleaning and organizing. No No NO

On Bed-Camp Eve

  • Check your food supply is complete, put clean linens on the bed and fresh towels in the bathroom. 
  • Empty the dishwasher. If you intend you use your good china, take it out now.
  • Arrange your ‘Diversions” on your dresser.
  • Turn off the alarm.
  • Have a good night’s sleep and dream about the next day.

Ready, Set, Bed-Camp!

Get up when you want and begin your glorious day in bed.

  • Make your bed, fluff your pillows, add more pillows.
  • Take a shower and moisturize all of you and slip into your special loungewear.
  • Get your breakfast and bring it back to the bedroom.
  • Pull back the bed linens with a flourish and get back in.

The rest is up to you — Enjoy your Bed-Camp Day and try to savor how good it feels to nurture yourself!




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